24/Seven Corporate Identity and Stationary Set
 This is how to sell premium fast food to educated but drunk art students at 5 am in Glasgow
After receiving a brief from a chap setting up a 24 hour takeaway next to Glasgow's famous Art School. My ingredients were some vivid colours and bold blacks, a drawing of a couch and a modernist typeface. Here is the result.

The leaflet is already crumpled up, so there is no further need for the passing student to repeat this action to said leaflet, also the backside of the thing has that lovely illustration on it, perfect for being spontaneously stuck to a dorm wall. It is a comfy thing - a couch, and it is a welcome symbol to anybody who can't be bothered cooking for themselves, and there is no shame in that, 24/seven is there to meet those very needs.

The logo itself is perfectly modern and should have a shelf life of a decade or two - a healthy amount for a fast food restaurant. 
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